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Web Development

Monashee Mountain Multimedia builds custom software. We specialize in Magento Ecommerce and WordPress plugin and theme development.

Derek has been coding on computers dating back to when he attended the University of Manitoba from 1987 to 1991. Derek wrote his first programs in 1982 on a Commodore VIC 20. Back then, after school he would ride his BMX to the store to buy the latest Compute magazine which had video games code in it and he would input and tweak the code to build video games.

Nowadays, he develops custom code in PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and javascript. In addition, he programs in Ruby, Python, C#, Node.js and others.

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His personal website is at

Web Hosting

Revelstoke Web Hosting is a custom built server for high traffic sites and web site owners that want fast page load times. The servers are located on the Peer 1 network based in Vancouver, BC. RWH uses the LiteSpeed web server which is up to 6x faster than Apache web server. All accounts use Varnish reverse proxy engine to dramatically speed up your page loads.

Fork this site on GitHub. It is written in Ruby with Jekyll.